Kids are always asking questions.  “Why do we have to do this?” and “Why does it always have to go this way?”  Our reading today looks forward to the time when your kids will ask you questions.  Verse 14 – “And when in time to come your son asks you ‘what does this mean'”.  God wanted the people to do certain things so that their children would ask them about it and the opportunity would arise in which they could teach their kids about the wonderful ways of God’s salvation.

What kinds of things do we do in our family life to commemorate the wonderful ways of God bringing His salvation to us?  What do we do that will get our kids to start asking questions and that will give us the opportunity to explain to them how God has saved us, and how our lives find their place in that story.  The next time your kids ask why they are going to Church again, use it as a great chance to share how we were lost in sin, heading for a very sad future, but God washed away those sins through Jesus, and now we have been adopted into His family.

Pastor Bob

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