Exodus 1:15-22

The pogrom against the Hebrew people continues in the land of Egypt in our reading today.  I love what it says about the Hebrew midwives – “they feared God and did not do as the king said”.  Every believer has the opportunity to be a hero in the life of faith, no matter one’s station or position.  These women were put in quite a bind, but when push came to shove,  and they knew what they had  to do, for their faith in God trumped everything else in life.

We usually don’t get put in quite the same pressure packed situations in our day to day living, but there are opportunities in each and every day in which we can make faith choices that will impact the world and our families for the kingdom of God.  And we all know that choosing to staying faithful in little ways now will give us the strength to remain faithful in big ways later.  When we choose to go along with the world’s program for our lives in these days, it will be very difficult to make the big faith decisions when push comes to shove later on.

So remember these Hebrew midwives today and see what faith choices you can make as you work, play, or interact with the people around you.  For we are reminded that, just as Pharaoh was set on bringing down God’s people back then, so Satan is set on destroying followers of Jesus Christ today!  Don’t let him push you to thrown the children away from the Lord, but let us devote ourselves to children’s ministries and the spiritual formation of our kids.  For we are all midwives, helping kids come alive to God and enabling them to find their place in His kingdom!

Pastor Bob

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