Exodus 11

Over the course of the last several days we have read about nine of the 10 plagues that came upon the land of Egypt. Now in Chapter 11 the final plague is announced. In the announcement there is an interesting footnote that sticks out is unique and different. The people of Israel are instructed by God to ask the Egyptians for silver and gold. They are told that these Egyptians will indeed give them these gifts because God is going to make them favorable to the Hebrew people.

Why is God causing this somewhat strange an odd occurrence to take place? The answer is found in the future. One day God is going to ask Israel to begin to build. They will construct the Tabernacle out in the wilderness. And one of the things they’re going to need in this little construction project is silver and gold. Where would a slave people, out in the wilderness all alone, find silver and gold? The answer is right here in this chapter. God was going to give them now what they would need later. And so God works now for what will come one day in the lives of his people.

God provided for us here at Lewis Lake in the past several years all that we needed to do the building project that’s happening right now. And it makes us ask this question. What is God giving to us today that we will need to serve him in the future? Who knows? But it will be fun to see how it all plays out. What is God given to you today that you will need to serve him somewhere down the line? Keep your eyes open and see what the Lord does.

Pastor Bob

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