Exodus 1:1-7

Ah, the opportunity to start a new book!  And Exodus it is, the book that will teach us what salvation is all about.  The title of the book “Exodus” literally means “the way out”.  The “Ex” part is a Greek word from which we get our word “Exit”.  And the “odus” part comes from a Greek word that means the “way” or “road”.  We get our word “odometer” from this word, which tells you how many meters (or miles) you have gone down the road.  Put them together and it means “the road out”.  Now, since the book of Exodus is written in Hebrew, you might be wondering why it has a Greek title.  The title was put on the book later on.  The Jews always named their books after the first word or two of the book.  So the original title of Exodus was “And these are the names of”.  Not too catchy.  The title “Exodus” works much better, and so it stuck.

The first 7 verses of Exodus give us a quick overview of a fairly long period of time.  Joseph’s family, 70 in all, move to Egypt and then Joseph’s generation dies and passes off the scene.  But the family of Israel grows and prospers in remarkable ways.  When the Egyptians looked around them it felt like the land was full of Hebrews!

And isn’t this what God had promised to Abraham.  “Your descendants will be like the sand of the sea” the Lord had said to him.  And now it was coming true.  God’s promises always come true!  What has God promised us?  Those promises will be fulfilled too, as sure as the sun comes up each day (actually, more certain than that, even).  Live on the promises of God today and rejoice in the future that is before you.

Pastor Bob

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