Exodus 10:1-6

I once read a book in which mankind mounted a rebellion against God, using the powers of the universe to actually defeat God and raise themselves up to the point where they controlled their own lives. In reality, anytime mankind tries to fight against God the odds of our winning are so remote and so impossible that it literally becomes a joke. That’s what we see happening in our passage today in Exodus chapter 10.

In our reading today, Pharaoh continues his rebellious rejection of God’s demand for him to allow the people of Israel to go free. Can Pharaoh truly thwart the will of God? The answer obviously is “no”. And so God says, let’s make a game of this. And so he hardens Pharaoh’s heart again, simply so that he can do more plagues that will increase the storytelling possibilities of this experience for future generations down the line (v.vv.1-2).  The plague this time is locusts.

It really is amazing how we humans believe in our hearts that we can reject God and simply go our way without paying any attention to him. But as we see so clearly in this reading today, God is supreme and his will and his ways will be accomplished with or without us. And it is impossible to stand against him.  Do you find yourself fighting against God sometimes? Think about it. It’s not going to end very well. The best thing we can do is to surrender ourselves to his will, knowing that He is a God of love, and He  calls us to do all things not only for his glory but for our own blessing as well.

Pastor Bob