Ephesians 6:21-24

Today we draw Paul’s letter to the Ephesians to a close.  Since there really was no public postal service for public use, Paul is sending his letter to these believers by the hand of a personal courier, a guy by the name of Tychicus.  This believer would let the Ephesians know more personal information about Paul’s situation that he did not have space for in the formal letter.  The reason Paul wanted them to know what he was doing and how he was doing was so that they could be encouraged – v.22.

Think about the power of personal testimony.  When we hear about some believer and how they are doing, and how the work off the gospel is coming along, we should rejoice in that and be encouraged in our own faith.  Could we go so far as to say that, when we don’t hear for long periods of time how believers are doing and what is happening concerning the gospel work in our Church or in the world, we might actually start to grow discouraged in our faith?  When I read verses like these I am impressed all over again with how important this business of hearing the testimony of other believers as to what God is doing in their lives.  And I am reminded that I don’t think we do enough of this sort of thing.

Are we leading a Bible Study, teaching a class, serving on a ministry team, helping to organize events, inviting people to Church, seeing answers to prayer, hearing from missionaries, volunteering on the building project, working with our youth, or any other kind of Christian service to the Lord?  Share what is happening with people.  Share that with the Church.  When you let others know what God is doing in the world, you are encouraging them int their faith!

Pastor Bob

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