Ephesians 6:13-18a

Since we are being attacked by spiritual powers on a fairly regular basis, we need to put on the armor of God. What has God given us that we are to wear and use in this daily battle?

  • Truth.  As we live in the truth, as God has defined and instituted truth, we will be strong.  Satan attacks us by telling us the lie, and getting us to believe it and act upon it.  Are you acting according to Satan’s lies in any way today?
  • Righteousness.  Living a holy life, as God defines holiness, is the best defense against Satan and his wiles.
  • Gospel Readiness.  As we apply the good news of the Gospel to our lives and the lives of others, Satan will fail in his attempts to turn us away from God.  God is saving all who put their faith in Jesus.  Always remember that.
  • Faith.  When you make faith the very center of your life Satan will have a hard time getting at you.  When we leave faith as only a minor part of our lives, now Satan has a foothold.
  • Salvation.  Believing what God says about you and the salvation He is giving you will keep you centered on God and confident in your future blessings in Him.  The assurance of your salvation will keep you oriented towards God and away from Satan.
  • The Word.  Saturating your heart and mind with the Word of God will do much to frustrate Satan’s schemes in your life, provided we join what we read with faith.
  • Prayer.  Prayer to God keeps our relationship with Him alive and interactive.  Furthermore, it will do much to keep God’s grace and power flowing in your life.

Keep putting on the armor of God, day by day, in all the many ways that you can, and you will grow strong in this spiritual battle in which we find ourselves.

Pastor Bob

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