Ephesians 6:10-12

A lot of people wonder if and why it is really so necessary to embrace Christian growth.  Can’t a person just believe in Jesus and leave it at that?  Do I really need to pray?  Do I really need to become familiar with the Bible?  Do I really need to invite God into every part of my life?  Do I really need to volunteer in serving God?  Do I really need to learn generous giving?  Can’t I just believe in Jesus and go to heaven some day?

The answer is “no”, we can’t just leave it at that, and our passage today informs us of why.  This world is a battle field, and whether you like it or not, Satan is coming after you, hard and dirty.  And, unless you are discipled powerful into the ways of the Lord, he will tear you away from God and trash your life for all eternity.  There are spiritual forces and powers of darkness whose mission it is to destroy you and keep you away from God’s salvation.

Most people don’t believe what I have just written, and they are the most captive of all.  But there is strength for us in the Lord, there is strength in numbers, and there is strength in spiritual maturity.  So we, all together, as one body, come together, seeking the Lord, and giving ourselves to the work of spiritual formation into Christian maturity.  In this way we will be able to stand firm to the end.

Pastor Bob