Ephesians 5:22-24

Well, now we are getting into the fun stuff, aren’t we?  Wives and husbands and marriage and Jesus and the Church, all connected and intertwined in the business of everyday life.  Paul, having talked about living the holy life as part of the Church of Jesus Christ, now turns to marriage, and he begins with the wives.

“Wives, submit to your husbands.”  Those are fighting words in our culture today, but in the world of the Bible they are normal and natural.  Notice the comparison that Paul makes.  This is just like it is between Christ and the Church.  So just like the Church gives her full obedience to Jesus (we do give our full obedience to Jesus don’t we?), so wives are to obey their husbands.  So there is a big connection between marriage and the Church.  As a matter of fact, Christian marriage is supposed to be a picture to the world of the relationship that should exist between people and Jesus.  Though marriage is designed for human happiness, it’s bigger purpose is to teach the world about God and people living in relationship with God.

So, here is a weird truth.  If you are married, your marriage is not all about you.  There is something bigger going on here!  So, as wives allow and enable their husbands to lead in the home and in the marriage, they are playing into God’s ultimate purpose for marriage and they are sending out a strong word of witness to the world about God and what it means to live in a relationship with Him.

Pastor Bob