My writing last Friday spilled on to what was designated to be our reading for Monday.  So I will go on to Tuesday’s reading, which is Ephesians 5:1-6.  Paul, in this reading, continues to warn the Ephesian believers against a lifestyle that is less than holy, true and good.  He gets after them, and us, concerning how we talk and descend into crude joking and other things that, many people do not consider to be all that bad.  But Paul warns them that these are actually serious matters that God will hold us accountable for.

In this world people often live with an attitude that puts faith in one compartment of our lives, and our daily existence in another part.  So, we can live with crude talking and bad language, as well as sexual impurity and covetousness, and at the same time we view ourselves as people of faith.  But Paul does not want us to think that life can be lived in different compartments like this.  All of life is to be impacted by our faith, and so we are called to live in holiness as well as believing in holiness.

So, as we live out our lives today, let’s seek to let our faith have its full effect on every part of our being and in all we do.  So our language will be modified, and our longings will be modified, and all the rest of it as well.  When we allow our faith to impact all of life, then we will know that we are not deceived, but are in fact living in God’s truth.

Pastor Bob

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