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Ephesians 4:25-27

The faith that a person has in God truly impacts all of life.  They say that the devil is in the details.  Well, Paul gets into the details here.  He wants his readers to understand that when you are a Christian it is not simply a matter of trusting Jesus in your heart, even though we don’t always do everything we are supposed to do in a daily practice.  Notice what putting on the new man will actually accomplish in your life.

  • No more falsehood.  We are to become utterly truthful in every sense of the word, in relationships and in business.
  • Expressing proper anger that we deal with immediately, rather than letting it smolder and fester in long-standing grudges.
  • Making money through honest, hard work, so we can give to others.  No shady shortcuts to wealth.
  • Your talk will change, so that your words build people up, rather than tearing them down.
  • We will not do things that the Holy Spirit does not like.
  • Instead of fighting with people, we will be kind to them.

To follow Christ means we will see the details of our lives change and transform.  This doesn’t happen all at once, but as we set it before us as a natural expectation, and making it our goal to “learn Christ” like this, we will become a people who are truly unique and different in the world, instead of the kind of people of whom others observe and declare “they are just as bad as the rest of us.”

Pastor Bob

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