Ephesians 4:13-16

Many people believe today that success in marriage is based on compatibility.  So we have eharmony.com and other sites that will match you up with someone with whom you are extremely compatible.  That way, when you get married, neither of you will have to change, being able, instead, to simply be who you are and get along perfectly with  your totally compatible partner.  Sound great, doesn’t it!

But the truth of the matter is that marriage is a relationship in which we are prodded (forced?) to change, as we wrestle with how to love someone who is different from us, thus becoming a better version of ourselves along the way.  No amount of compatibility will match the level of selfishness we all have within. Marriage is a process in which we are led to be more selfless, more loving, more courageous, and more of just about everything that is good and virtuous.  The whole point of marriage is to be changed.

Why all this talk of marriage?  Because the same is true about being part of a Church.  Our reading today is all about how being part of a Church changes us into better people, more mature and Christ-like.  When Church functions like Church is supposed to function, we will become different than we are now.  Now there are huge forces at work in our lives pushing to keep us just like we are, so this business of becoming mature in Christ is not easy.  But dwelling with, and working with, other believers in a local Church will serve to show us our faults and God will use that to lead us forward in spiritual growth and character development.

So as you think about being part of Lewis Lake, remember, God is using the Church to change us all to become more like Jesus, our Savior.

Pastor Bob

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