Ephesians 3:7-13

What is the purpose of the Church?  What are Churches for?  That’s a loaded question, and it could be answered in many ways.  But in our reading today Paul points to a very important purpose for the Church.

Paul declares that God has made him a preacher of the mystery of the Gospel, which we talked about yesterday.  In verse 10 Paul declares that this all happens so that, through the Church, the manifold wisdom of God might be made known to the rulers and authorities in heavenly places.  So what is the purpose of the Church?

  • The rulers and authorities Paul speaks of are angels, spiritual beings in the spiritual realm.  And though this probably refers to all the powerful beings in the heavenly realms, it especially has in mind the evil angels, the demons, and Satan.
  • What does God want these spirit beings to know?  How He is saving undeserving sinners through the work of His Son Jesus.
  • And how is God going to demonstrate this amazing truth?  Through the Church!

It’s as though God was saying to Satan that, in spite of all of his efforts and work, sinful people are still getting saved!  So, “in your face” Satan!  The Church is God’s statement of victory over Satan.  We are His trophy!  And, it is not because we human beings are so great, but because of the amazing, gracious working of Jesus Himself!

So live in the joyous truth and knowledge today that, as we come to Christ in faith, and remain steadfast in our faith, we are God’s statement of victory over all the powers of evil in the universe!

Pastor Bob

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