Ephesians 3:14-19

Since the Church is God’s demonstration to the powers of evil that, in spite of their demonic opposition to Him, He is able to save His people , Paul now offers up a prayer to the Lord on behalf of the Church.  He prays that every believer would be “strengthened with power through His Spirit in your inner being – v.16.”  What is it like to get your inner being strengthened?

  • Christ will be dwelling within your heart – v.17.  This is what we at Lewis Lake call leading the “Christ-focused life”.  Jesus becomes your purpose, what you live for.  He becomes the nearly constant focus of your attention, the motivation behind the decisions you make, the deepest desire of your heart. When a whole Church lives like this it drives Satan crazy.
  • The second thing this means is that we will begin to understand the depths and power of the love God has for us- v.18-19.  At this point you have no idea how much God loves you.  As the Spirit strengthens your inner being you begin to see more and more, both your own sinfulness and the amazing love that God has for you.  The strengthened believer is one who feels more and more the security and joy of being loved to the uttermost by God!
  • The third thing that happens to us when the Spirit strengthens us is that we are filled with God’s fullness.  To have God’s intense presence in your being, to have God’s character stamped upon your heart, to have His love oozing out of you, to be filled with a fierce commitment to His truth, all these things and more are what it means to be filled with all the fullness of God.

May God strengthen you this day, with His Spirit, in your inner being, that all of these amazing things may happen in your life.

Pastor Bob

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