Ephesians 2:14-22

When you have been a Christian for a long time it is easy to forget some basic truths, especially when speaking of where we have come from.  For thousands of years the world was divided up into two groups of people; God’s people, on the one hand, and everyone else on the other.  That means that, unless you are Jewish, you were part of the “everyone else” group.  And, as part of that group, you and I were as lost as lost can be.

Paul’s point in our reading today in Ephesians is that, in one sense, these two groups of people have been united into one new people of God!  The hostility between Jews and Gentiles has now been removed, and there is peace between us.  How has this happened?  Jesus has become, through his work on the cross, the one new way that both groups of people now find salvation and enter into a new reality in which we are all one people of God, saved by grace which comes to us from the Lord Jesus. So now, through Jesus, we all have access, by one Spirit, to the Father.  We are all, Jews and Gentiles alike, being built into one dwelling place for God, by the Spirit (v.22)!

We Gentiles must never lose our awe at being made part of the household of God and we must always maintain a sense of extreme gratitude that God has treated us so graciously.  In Christ, we are God’s chosen people!  How blessed we are!

Pastor Bob

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