Ephesians 1:3-10

Can you envision a world in which everything is wonderfully united to God in a beautiful, harmonious, living Kingdom, in which God is all in all and everything exists for His glory and honor?  In our reading today that is exactly what we see as Paul goes “big picture” on us and shows what is going on in the universe.  Verse 10 shows us where everything is going in the universe, while verses 3-9 show us how we are going to get there.  Let’s work our way backwards.

  • v.9 says that God’s was using Jesus to get the world to this beautiful vision of verse 10. It is all happening in accordance with the “fullness of time”, or in just the right time according to God’s schedule.
  • v.8 tells us that in order to do this, God is lavishing something upon us.
  • v.7 explains that it is forgiveness of sins that is being lavished on us, made possible by the blood of Jesus.
  • v.6 shows us that, in all of this, God is being praised.
  • v.5 reveals a mystery, that God had actually been working in us, predestining us to become part of Christ.
  • v.4 says we were actually chosen in God before the foundation of the world.
  • v.3 blesses God for all His blessings on His people.

So, God has been at work from the very start so that His people would come to Him to be saved through His Son, and become the inhabitants of this amazing kingdom that will be totally and completely united to Him.  So, if you were wondering what is going on in the universe these days, there you have it.  Now that’s a vision of the universe that can really make my heart sing!  And the beauty of it is, it is all totally true!

Pastor Bob

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