Ephesians 1:11-14

When a person gets saved by believing in Jesus Christ what comes to them in this package that we call salvation?  Our reading today tells us that we receive an “inheritance”.  An inheritance is like an estate that you will get someday when the time is right.  A child might be awarded an inheritance, but they don’t really get it until they come of age.  They might be awarded a small portion of their estate for school expenses or some other need, but the full estate does not fully come to them until they turn 18 or some other predetermined age.

This is not so much different from our situation in Jesus Christ.  To be saved means to become heir of an inheritance (v.14).  But for now, in this life, most of that does not come to us.  We get little tastes, and we are given promises, but most of what we have coming to us in Jesus Christ is waiting for us when we come of age, or rather, when God’s predetermined moment arrives.

Sometimes people grow frustrated with God because they don’t think He is doing everything that they want Him to do in their lives.  But the fact of the matter is, that now is not the time for all of that.  Now is not the time for our complete victory, our complete healing, and our complete enrichment.  Now we are minors, waiting to grow up.  But when we do hit our moment of spiritual maturity, when Jesus comes back again for us, then we will “acquire complete possession of our inheritance” (v.14), and we will be blown away at what is all included!

So don’t live as somebody who only goes around once in life.  Rather, live as heirs of the future inheritance that God promises to all of His people!

Pastor Bob

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