Ephesians 1:1-2

It’s time for a new book!  That’s always exciting.  I am not sure why we are staying in the New Testament.  Usually I alternate between new and old, so my brain must have not been working fully when I made this choice.  But, it must be God’s will, so here we go into Ephesians.  Ephesians is a letter, written by Paul, to the believers dwelling in Ephesus at the time. That’s pretty much what we get in the first verse of this letter.  Paul was well known to these believers since he spent more time with them than with any other congregation.

Paul wishes these believers two things; grace and peace from the Father and the Son.  These two elements make up the core of what a person needs to live a great life in the Lord.  Grace is nothing else but God treating us far better than we deserve!  Our own failings and sinfulness can really bring us down in life, but knowing that God is not holding any of that against us, but is instead treating as Holy and completely acceptable in Jesus, makes it possible to keep going in spite of all those things.  Everyone needs grace, for we are all deeply sinful.

Peace is the other essential ingredient in life.  Peace is sort of the result of grace.  Peace is dwelling in the joyful knowledge that all is well with us.  We are dwelling content and secure, not having our lives set all astir by the problems and evils around us.  We know that we are in God’s hands, and He is leading us towards a beautiful future.  Peace is not the absence of problems, but the confidence that all is well even in the midst of problems.

So Paul begins to talk to the believers by extending to them, from God, the grace and peace they needed for life in this broken world.  And that is what we need too!  So – grace and peace be to you this day, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bob

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