Life at Lewis Lake

Physical Space...

Recently, our building underwent a vast addition. We now have room to grow!

Building Photo

Sunday School

Ages 4 years old through adulthood, Lewis Lake offers classes for all!


Small Groups

Get to know others in the church, make friends, enjoy food, and dig deep into the Word of God!

Community Outreach -

Lewis Lake has programs such as VBS, youth group, group knitting, and more!

Global Outreach

We participate in programs such as Feed My Starving Children, send Ditty Bags to Jamaica, and support missionaries around the globe, as well as sending people on temporary missions trips, and our youth to CHIC.

What We Believe

As a church body, we believe that one becomes a Christian by responding to God's Gospel call,
repenting of one's sins and surrendering one's life to Jesus Christ. 
God then forgives our sins through the death of Jesus on the cross and fills us
with the Holy Spirit, who causes us to be born again. 
The believer is then set free to live a life of obedience to God, empowered by the Holy Spirit.
We wait eagerly for the physical return of Jesus Christ!
For more information, visit the Evangelical Covenant Church of America website.


Quarterly Coordinator: Joyce Tvedt

Wedding Coordinator: Lisa Coleman

Funeral Coordinator: Joyce Durbin

Team - Shirley Ericson and Melodee Hall

Fellowship Coordinator: Angie Stafford

Inventory Coordinator Joyce Tvedt

Kitchen Facilitator: Marilyn Bachman

Kitchen Laundry Coordinator: Doris Monson

Mission Sewing Coordinator: Debee Stassen

Project Increase Communications: Jo Towle and Marilyn Bachman

Ditty Bags: Sandy DeYoung

Fundraising Coordinator: Melodee Hall

Event & Activities Coordinator Cindy Belkholm



Director Debee Stassen

Vice Director Stacy Theony

Secretary Sandy DeYoung

Vice Secretary Renetta Lambert

Treasurer Jo Towle

Financial Secretary Wendy Akkerman

Vice Financial Secretary Jen Peterson

If you have questions about Lewis Lake Women Ministries please contact:

Debee Stassen, Women Ministries Director

Phone 320-333-5108


LINKS for other Women Ministries resources available

Women Minsitries Northwest Conference

Evangeical Covenant Church Women Minsitries




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