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Archive for December 2016

Taking A Break

It is time for Pastor Bob to take a break from writing this blog.  Thanks for following our readings over the past few years.  Hopefully I will be able to pick it up again some where down the line. Pastor Bob

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I Kings 11:9-13

The first and great commandment among the 10 is that we are to have no other god besides the Lord God.  Solomon has just violated this commandment.  He has violated it by turning to all the women and all the wealth and all the glory that he was getting from being the coolest guy on…

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I Kings 11:1-8

Do you remember how we mentioned earlier that people do not survive extreme prosperity very well?  Solomon was the smartest, richest, coolest guy in the world.  But, it didn’t last.  And what was his downfall?  Women.  Not that women are bad in general.  Quite the contrary.  But these particular women were not good for Solomon…

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