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Archive for October 2016

I Kings 4:1-19

As Solomon settles into his reign over the people of Israel we are shown another example of his great wisdom, this time in the area of administration.  We read of 12 individuals who were in charge of 12 districts in the land.  Now it is cool to be a ruler over a certain district, but…

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I Kings 3:10-15

In Mark 11:24 Jesus tells the disciples that, if we have faith, God will give you what you pray for.  Now this verse has spawned a lot of controversy and has even been used by some to form a heretical view of the Christian life.  The interesting question in this verse is this; what will…

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I Kings 3:5-9

Today we see the famous request of king Solomon, asking God for wisdom when he could have asked for anything.  There are a lot of definitions of wisdom.  For instance, Wikipedia defines wisdom as: “Wisdom or sapience is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight.” My own definition…

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I Kings 3:1-4

As long as our heart is in the right place, that’s what counts, right?  Solomon was a king who “loved the Lord” (v.3).  This is wonderful, don’t you think!  But, as important as having your heart in the right place is, we find that  it was not going to be enough for Solomon.  One of…

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I Kings 2:36-46

Three men who did David dirt.  Two of them have been dealt with, Adonijah and Joab.  And now in our reading today we see the third man getting his due.  It all seems innocent enough.  Solomon confines Shimei to the city of Jerusalem, and he stays there for a long time.  But the day finally…

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I Kings 2:28-35

Before David’s death, the old king had charged his son, Solomon, with the task of bringing justice to old crimes.  Joab was the general of David’s armies, but he was a bit of a loose canon and had killed a couple of very important people in a way that could be termed a political assassination.…

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I Kings 2:13-27

Adonijah, it would seem, was not finished with his efforts to become King of Israel. Ambition dies hard I guess. Even though he affirms with his mouth that God had given Solomon the throne (v.15), yet Adonijah is still planning and scheming to take it back for himself. He asks for Abishag, the woman who…

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I Kings 2:10-12

The death of the great king David is reported in rather matter of fact fashion.  Having established Solomon as the rightful heir to the throne, and having given final instructions to his son, David dies.  Some statistical detail is given about how long his reign lasted, the sort of stuff that we put on the…

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I Kings 2:5-9

David had been living with a lot of old wounds, things done to him or to those he loved by various individuals still alive.  These old wounds were things that David had tried to let pass, extending promises that he would not take revenge on these people, but now, in his old age, he finds…

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