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Archive for May 2016

Exodus 23:14-19

There were three feasts every year that all male Israelites were called upon to attend; the feast of Unleavened Bread, the feast of First Fruits and the feast of Ingathering.  I like the line in verse 15, where the Lord tells the Israelites “you shall not appear before me empty-handed.”  Since God has given everything…

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Exodus 23:10-13

The idea of a rest day is peppered throughout the Old Testament.  The laws also applied to the fields, which were to be given a rest every 7th year.  The law looked backwards to the fact that God himself rested on the 7th day after the work of creation.  The importance of rest reflected a…

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Exodus 23L1-9

Last Sunday we heard Paul call us to love people and then explain that one of the primary ways we love people is by obeying God’s law.  Every commandment ever given in the Bible is simply one way or another of loving God and loving people.  Verses 1-3 explain what it means for us to…

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Exodus 22:25-31

Now here is an interesting law.  If an Israelite was to lend money to a poor person, no interest could be charged.  There are other laws governing money loaned to people, but here we see that poor people were to be treated a little differently.  Evidently collateral could be obtained for the loan, but if…

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Exodus 22:16-24

Israel was to be a land in which God’s laws governed all of life.  In our reading today we once again see that there were protections put in place for the vulnerable; young girls, people who were traveling through, as well as widows and orphans.  God’s land was to be a compassionate land where people…

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Exodus 22:7-15

The laws contained in our reading today are fascinating in that they try to create a level of fairness when someone is in possession of another person’s property.  The modern day equivalent would be something like this; if I have my neighbor’s pickup and the transmission goes out, am I responsible for the repair bill?…

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Exodus 22:1-6

Sorry for getting so far behind last week.  It was one of those weeks. The readings that we have been going through are all about the fair treatment of people.  Issues of liability and reparations were laid out for the people of Israel to follow, once they had set up shop in the promised land.…

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Exodus 21:7-11

Once again, the words of Exodus sound harsh, with the word “slave” being used in verse 7.  But, again, what we are dealing with here is a poor family who either is going bankrupt, or perhaps can’t afford the costs of a normal wedding.  And though this girl is called a “slave” or a servant,…

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Exodus 21:1-6

Slavery is bad, right?  Some Christians down through the years have argued that slavery was ok and they use passages like this to back up their case.  But other Christians have seen more clearly that the Bible contains the seeds that ultimately brought an end to slavery in our land.  So what do we make…

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