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As we think about the Resurrection of Jesus, the second thing we noticed about it was that it was Indispensable.  Why is that? Paul said, in I Corinthians 15:19, that if we have hope in Jesus only in this life, we are to be pitied above all people.  What do we get out of being…

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Somehow or another we have lost a week in our assigned readings here at Thinking God’s Thoughts.  So this week we will take a break from the book of Exodus and reflect on all we have shared during the Easter season. A couple of weeks ago we reflected on the truth that the resurrection of…

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Exodus 12:14-20

Celebration of The Passover was a very important feature of life for the people of Israel. Our passage today speaks of how important it was and laid out many of the details of just how this feast was to be celebrated. Celebrating Passover was indeed a very big deal Why is it so important to…

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Exodus 12:7-13

There are two things I noticed in this reading today. First of all we notice that God instructed his people to take the blood of the Passover sacrifice and smear it on the door posts of their home. God had made away for Israel to be saved, but they had to apply it to their…

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Exodus 12:1-6

All the other plagues that God visited upon Egypt came and went without a lot of discussion. But the 10th plague is preceded by a ceremony and sacrifice. The day of the 10th plague it’s going to be the first month of the year. This tells us that there is more going on here than…

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Exodus 11

Over the course of the last several days we have read about nine of the 10 plagues that came upon the land of Egypt. Now in Chapter 11 the final plague is announced. In the announcement there is an interesting footnote that sticks out is unique and different. The people of Israel are instructed by…

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Exodus 10:21-29

Be careful what you say.  Sometimes it can come true in  your life in ways that you have not really planned on.  The Lord sends a “darkness that could be felt” upon the land of Egypt.  Pharaoh has to cave in, but he is still the tough negotiator, demanding that they not take their cattle.…

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Exodus 10:7-20

To be a tough negotiator is looked upon as a very positive quality in this world. For a person to be able to wheel and deal, working the situation so that they can come out with the best deal possible, is a great virtue especially in the business world.  The Pharaoh of Egypt seems to…

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