Ruth 3:1-5

After the harvest season is over Naomi makes the decision to make her move on behalf of her daughter-in-law, to seek security for the future.  There are a lot of weird things that happen in the book of Ruth, all of which were part of the cultural practices of the day.  In a nutshell, Naomi sends Ruth off to Boaz to ask him to marry her.  Based on the favor that Boaz had show Ruth earlier, and based on the fact that he was qualified to take Ruth as a wife and welcome her into her household, Naomi decides that now is the time to give it a go and see what happens.

After Boaz has finished the evening meal and associated festivities, he goes a lays down outside, by the threshing floor.  After he is fast asleep Ruth comes and very quietly lays down at his feet.  This was the custom of just how a girl went about asking someone for a wedding, sort of like when a guy gets down on one knee and makes a wedding proposal today.  It was a kind of a scary thing to do, for what if the man said no.

All of this is related to the laws in the Old Testament in which the brother of a man who has died was called upon to marry the widow and raise up children for her, so the family line and inheritance would continue on.  This was how the inheritance that was the right of every child of God was assured.  It is interesting that, when we think of being the people of God today, we are focused on being joined to Jesus Christ in such a way that the Church is called the “bride of Christ”.  The way that we are assured of obtaining our own inheritance in eternity in heaven is to become part of the Church and thus, the bride of Christ.  We are not saved simply by becoming a Church member, of course, but when we put our sincere faith in Jesus, we are automatically joined to the Church.  And thus, Jesus Himself becomes our true and ultimate “kinsman redeemer”, as we see happening in the story of Ruth and Boaz.

This gives us a rather new and fresh way of thinking about our salvation, don’t you think?

Pastor Bob