Ruth 2:19-23

As the story unfolds about how Ruth ended up connecting with a very kindly man who took special care to make sure that a virtuous woman was cared for in his fields we discover that there is even more to this situation.  It turns out that Boaz is a near relative of Naomi’s and a “redeemer” (v.20).  Ruth and Naomi were in a tough place.  They had no male relative to enable any property and income to come to them from the tribal inheritance that belonged to all of God’s people.  They needed someone who was qualified and willing to do that for them.  This person was called a “redeemer”.  And now it has just become apparent that Ruth has made a significant contact with one of these “redeemers”.

There are a couple of ways in which the book of Ruth is connected to Jesus and we have just discovered one of them.  Like Boaz, Jesus is to us a “redeemer”.  We are stuck in a situation in which there is no way that the great inheritance of God’s people can come to us.  We are in poverty and there is nothing we can do about it.  We need someone who is qualified and willing to do what it takes to bring us back into the loop, back into the line of inheritance.  And that person, of course, is Jesus!

Have you ever tried to understand our true spiritual condition before God.  We have forfeited our rights before Him because we have sinned, and we are stuck in a situation in which a form of poverty is overtaking us and will keep us from inheriting any good thing.  All that is left for us is eternal lostness.  We are, if you will pardon the phrase, a welfare case.  We have nothing before the Lord and we have no way to get anything.  We are poor beggars in the world.  How does that make you feel?

But there is this business of a Redeemer.  And that is our only hope.  And we will see in the book of Ruth how Jesus can become our Redeemer if we stick with Him, in His fields!

Pastor Bob