Ruth 2:14-18

So what is Boaz up to here?  He has already taken special note of Ruth as a person of virtue, especially in relationship to her mother-in-law.  Now it seems as though he is taking special note of her again.  Is there something going on?  It seems there just might be.  Boaz makes sure she gets her due, and more.  He makes sure that, when Ruth goes back home to Naomi, there are signs of favoritism for Naomi to see.  As Ruth comes home with an amazing amount of grain, and left overs from lunch, anyone with half a brain is going to realize that something is going on here.

God works in mysterious ways, they say.  Whatever is going on between Boaz and Ruth, the feeling is that God is in it and this is somehow significant.  And just how significant, we are soon going to find out.

Life gets exciting when a person begins to realize that God is at work all around them in mysterious ways.  When we realize that we are not all alone in this business of daily living, but that God is at work, making connections, creating coincidences, and even sparking romances, life becomes exciting! We now find ourselves looking around and wondering!

So let your spirit stay alert and keep your senses alive as you try to discover what God is doing all around  you!

Pastor Bob