II Thessalonians 3:16-18

As Paul brings this Thessalonian letter to a close he does 2 things that are designed to bring a blessing to his readers.  First, he asks the God of peace to give them peace.  There are a lot of things that can disturb our peace in this world.  If things don’t go the way we want them to go, or people don’t agree with our view of things we can lose our peace.  If the future becomes uncertain or we discover disappointing things within ourselves we can lose our peace.  And all of these things do happen on a rather frequent basis in the world and in our lives.  So our peace is constantly threatened.  But inner peace does not come to us from the world or from other people.  It comes to us from the God of peace.  So we must stay focused on Him and trust in him for every situation.  This is the only way to have peace.

Second, Paul signs this letter personally.  Paul always had others do the actual penmanship for his letters.  He probably wanted to make sure that other people could read it.  But at the end he did the last little bit himself, which was his mark of authenticity.  When people saw Paul’s own writing, they were confident that what was written in this letter was, indeed, the Gospel truth coming directly from God Himself!

Thus, the people were given peace and confidence.   When we walk with God, connected powerfully to Him through His word, we too can have peace and confidence in our lives.  So rejoice in these two blessings and keep looking for them to flow into your life from God Himself!

Pastor Bob