I Thessalonians 5:1-3

When it comes to the second coming of Jesus Christ we use the word “imminent” to describe the time of this great event.  To be “imminent” means that something could happen at any time.  That is what Peter is talking about here in our reading today.  He uses the imagery of a thief coming and breaking into your house.  One never expects such a thing to happen on any given night.  It will be a surprise.  It will happen when people are paying attention to something else.  When people are feeling pretty good about life and they have a sense of security and happiness, suddenly Jesus will be there, and they will suddenly be thrust into judgment day.

The second coming could happen today.  And for the believer, this is not a fear or a great anxiety.  This is the thing that we long for.  The day of judgment holds no terror for us, for judgment has already happened in our lives.  It happened when Jesus died on the cross.  When we believed in the Lord Jesus, our sins were judged in Him, and we now look forward to judgment day as a day of reward and rejoicing.  On judgment day we will receive our great inheritance.  All fear has been removed, not because we are perfect people, but rather, because we have received grace.

So live today in expectation of the return of your Savior, and find our what a difference this makes in your day to day living!

Pastor Bob