I Thessalonians 4:9-12

This reading contains an interesting thought.  Paul is commending these believers for their “brotherly love”.  They, evidently, were doing pretty well in this category.  Paul then calls on them to keep loving one another, and then adds the following items to his exhortation, to fine tune what it means to love each other.  He calls on them to “live quiet lives, to mind their own business, and to work hard with their hands.”  This will lead them to walk properly in relation to outsiders, not putting them in a position of being dependent on others.

Evidently Paul felt that loving other people meant keeping yourself from being dependent in some way upon them.  Paul seems to be saying that the first aspect of loving others is to carry your own weight in life and not to be a burden upon others.  Interesting.

So, if we lead wild lives, and don’t work hard at making a living,  and end up not been able to pay our bills, thus leading us to need aid from others, in some sense we are not loving people as we do this.  The Bible calls us to give to those in need, but it also calls people to avoid being in need if at all possible.

Pastor Bob