I Thessalonians 4:1-8

As we come into chapter 4 of the Thessalinian letter we hear Paul saying 4 basic things about Christian living.

First, walk like you were taught to walk, by the Apostles.  The teachings of the 12 Apostles are the very word of God and the Church is instructed by these teachings on how to live.

Second, do it more and more.  Every Church and every believer is to be advancing on a somewhat steady pace, in living as the Apostles taught.   We are not simply to put our faith in Jesus and then go on just like we always have.  Our lives are to steadily grow more and more into what God wants us to be and do.

Third, specifically in connection with sexual holiness.  Sexuality for unbelievers is just another part of life.  They do with it as they will.  But when one becomes a believer, now things change.  The Thessalonians may have been having a bit of a hard time with this change, as many of us do today.

Fourth, for God has called us to purity. The reason behind the exhortation to bring our sexuality under God’s will is that the whole purpose behind God saving us is to turn us into a pure people.  Sexual purity is just one of the ways we are to be pure, but it is an important one.

So, let us hear the Apostles, and follow them as they guide us into purity, with the help of the Holy Spirit.   This is our whole purpose for being saved!

Pastor Bob