I Thessalonians 3:6-10

Paul carried an extreme anxiety with him concerning the faith of the Thessalonians believers.  This deep concern made him want to drop everything and go to them to see how they were doing.  He knew these believers were going through hard times and he feared that they might fold under the pressure.  But not being able to go there himself, he sent Timothy to help them.

And now, in our reading today, Timothy has returned with good news. The Thessalonians were standing firm in faith and love.  So Paul has been comforted (v.7) and he can now “live again” (v.8).  The main thing in all of life for any Pastor is to know that the believers with whom he is connected are doing well and are standing firm in the faith.   And not simply standing firm as they are, but he wants his people to grow.  That’s what Paul mentions in verse 10, speaking as he does of adding to their faith that which is lacking.  We all lack something in our faith and we all need to grow into that lack so we will be stronger and stronger in the Lord as the years go by.

There are many things that we can be anxious about in life, but the condition of our faith in Jesus is the most important one!

Pastor Bob