Exodus 36:1-7

After reading a couple more times that it was the Lord who had given these two skillful guys the skill that they had, we encounter another sign of the work of God in his people.  The people were generous!  They were amazingly generous!  They were so generous that they had to be restrained from any more giving.  Just as God had put skill in some people to do very intricate work, so God had put generosity in the hearts of people so that they longed to give and give and give some more.

When God wants to accomplish something great He provides all that is needed by putting the gift of generosity in His people.  Generosity is another outward sign, seen in the people of God, that demonstrates that the Lord is present and at work.  And note that this was not just generosity in general.  These were not simply people who were the “give you the shirt off of their backs” kind of people.  That too is a great trait.  But these people were especially excited about what God was doing in and through them and they gave what they had for that particular work.  So they exhibited a generosity specifically focused on the work of God in the world.

It is fun when we can take note of what was happening in God’s people way back in biblical times, and then realize that we are doing the very same things today.  It is a joy to see that God is still at work and that we too are being swept up in this amazing work of God as we practice our own generosity towards the work of God in the world today.  So keep giving with generosity.  I will let you know what you can stop! (smile)

Pastor Bob

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