Exodus 35:30-35

There are two kinds of grace that come to us from God’s hand.  There is saving grace, received from the Lord Jesus, that washes away our sin and guilt.  And then there is common grace.  Common grace does not wash away our sins, but it is, nevertheless, a work of God upon a person’s life that brings goodness and blessing to them and the people around them.  In our reading today we see an example of common grace.

God was at work in this guy named Bezalel.  He was at work in him in a couple of ways.  First, the Lord gave him skill and also knowledge, both of which led him to become a master craftsman.  When people have a knack for something, when they just naturally seem smart in some way and when certain abilities show up in their lives, this is a work of God in them.  They are really good at this thing because the Spirit of God is upon them.  The second way God’s common grace is seen to be working in this guy is that he had a passion to teach what he knew to others (v.34).  He wanted to pass on what he knew to other people, sharing the joy and blessing of it.

God is still at work in people today, showering down upon them His common grace.  People are gifted in certain ways and this giftedness comes into our world as a great blessing.  Now, simply being gifted by God does not mean that all these people are saved.  As I said, common grace won’t get you to heaven.  But it is a work of God nonetheless and we must recognize it as such.  The challenge is to receive God’s grace that makes us good at something in such a way that we recognize that it comes from God, and we must use it for the blessing of others.  Furthermore, receiving God’s common grace should fill us with a sense of gratitude that will lead us to open our lives up to the saving grace that the Lord wants to give us for the salvation of our souls for all eternity

Pastor Bob