Exodus 35:20-29

The movement of God upon the people of God is the single most important element in this thing that we call “vital Christianity”.  If you really want to experience life the way life was intended to be, God must be present and God must be moving!  Notice in our reading today how many times the phrase “everyone whose heart stirred him” appears.  Or notice the phrase “everyone who had a willing heart”.  God was moving upon the hearts of this people and out of this amazing touch of God great and wonderful things came to be.

In II Timothy 3:5 we read of a kind of believer who is trying to live the life of faith without the touch of God.

“having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.”

These people looked outwardly to be believers.  They probably had the right doctrines and said the right things.  They probably were doing religious things and for all appearances, seemed quite a bit like a Christian.  But they were missing one thing – the power, the touch God Himself on their lives.  Their hearts were not moved and stirred by the very touch of God Himself.

The good news is that God is at work on all those who have put their faith in Him.  Our task, with God’s help and enablement, is to become a tuned to this movement of God upon our hearts, and allow ourselves to be moved into action by Him.  God is at work prodding His people forward into devotion and service to Him.  May we allow our own hearts to be stirred and quickened to action in His service!

Pastor Bob