Exodus 34:17-28

Moses is up on the mountain, meeting with God.  The Lord is giving Moses all the various laws that He wants His people to follow.  There are laws about idols, laws about feasts, laws about sacrifices and laws about work schedules.  God was giving His people an entire way of life, a way of living that was based on the truth that everything they had, and everything they were was from God Himself.  These laws were designed to help the people honor that truth.  Everything that came out of the womb belonged to the Lord and had to be redeemed with a sacrifice.  The crops that grew came from the Lord and were not simply a product of their own hard work and ingenuity.  Every aspect of life was a wonderful gift from God that must be acknowledged and must lead Israel to total dependence on Him!

Though all these particular laws no longer apply to us as believers of the New Covenant in Jesus, yet the truth underlying these laws are still true for us today.  All of life is a gracious gift from the Lord and we must acknowledge this and live life based on this reality.  We certainly must not worship anyone or anything else besides the Lord.  And we must certainly realize that everything we have has come to us as a wonderful gift from God.  And we must embrace the sacrifice for our real sin that God has provided, namely the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross.  We do not lead secular lives during the week and then move to the religious stuff on Sunday.  All of life is lived  before God and in relationship to Him and in obedience to Him.  And in every area of life God asks us the question – “Do you trust me enough to obey me in this matter or that one”?

Acknowledging God’s place in everything is a key element in the life of faith!

Pastor Bob

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