Exodus 14:21-31

The reading we have today is, perhaps, one of the most dramatic scenes in the Bible.  The Israelites passing between the two walls of water, the Egyptians having the whole thing come crashing down upon them, while the Hebrew people are left watching the floating bodies in the end.  The same pathway that saved some was the final judgment day for others.

And that is exactly the way it is in this world.  All people pass through death.  Everyone has the same journey to make at the end of their lives.  For some, this journey will lead to deliverance and life, while for others, the pathway of death leads to judgment and eternal lostness.  What makes the difference?

In Exodus 14 it was the fact that these were God’s people, the ones who were saved.  While those who were lost were a people who did not know God and who had actually refused to know God.  In New Testament language we speak of those who are “in Christ”, that is, those who have allowed Jesus to draw them into a faith relationship with him.  The invitation has gone out from our Lord to all people, to become a follower of Christ and center our lives on Him.  Everyone of us is going to take the journey through the Red Sea.  Will your journey lead to the Promised Land, or to the land of the lost?

When the Hebrews saw all of this it is said that they “feared the Lord and believed in Him.”  What is your reaction?

By the way, this story is a great one to use in talking to other people about the invitation to become a follower of the Christ!  Look for opportunities to give it a try.

Pastor Bob